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To celebrate the Heron Observation Network’s fifth year, I put together a collection of Photos from the Field, taken by myself, co-workers, and some very talented HERON volunteers.  Many THANKS to all the HERON volunteers who monitored colonies, and to the landowners that allowed access.  Here’s to another exciting year ahead of us!  Happy 2014!


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This is what the new HERON sticker looks like!

I am really excited to announce that the Heron Observation Network of Maine (HERON) is partnering with Burly Bird (a Maine-based conservation sticker company) to help raise funds for an important statewide aerial survey for nesting great blue herons scheduled for 2015!

Members of the public can support HERON in its efforts by purchasing a newly released UV-coated vinyl sticker that shows a black and white silhouette of a great blue heron.

The HERON sticker can be placed anywhere, including on car bumpers and windows, house windows to help prevent bird to glass collisions, water bottles, coffee mugs, laptops or bikes.


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Photo by Deb Dutton

June is when nestlings appear in most great blue heron colonies in Maine.  In Maine, great blue herons lay their eggs anytime between late April and mid-May.  After approximately 27 days of incubation, the nestlings hatch out mostly unfeathered except for pale gray down that appears a bit bushy on the crown.  They weigh less than 2 ounces at hatching and can barely hold their heads up.  Within a week or two they can be seen poking their heads above the edge of the nest bowl, especially when their parents return to the nest to provide food.  Within 7-8 weeks, the nestlings will grow to adult size, weighing in at 4.5 lbs and standing about 3 ft tall.  Check out a video clip of a heron nest with nestlings taken by Deb Dutton on Facebook!

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