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Photo by Doug Albert.

The great blue heron nesting season went by as quick as a flash this year.  Fall is when I collect all the HERON volunteers’ data and enter it into the database to get an idea of how the season went for herons (which I will blog about at a later date).  It is also a great time to visit colonies on the ground for several reasons: 1) I can usually get a fairly accurate nest count because the nests typically persist into the fall (and most often as long as the following spring); 2) the birds no longer occupy their colonies at this time of year, so I can get real close without causing any disturbance; and 3) there are no biting insects to contend with!

My colony of choice to visit this week was one that is 3.5 hours driving time from my office in Bangor.  Sometimes it is difficult to commit to a long day of driving for just one site, but this turned out to be well worth it.  The weather was absolutely perfect, the company was very pleasant, hospitable, and knowledgeable, and the site was quite unique as far as heron colonies go.  Below is a photo journal of the day’s visit.  Hope you enjoy the adventure…



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